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Meet Katie

designer, momma, wife, and most importantly daughter of the King most high

I have been dreaming of creating a shop for women for years and over the past few months with 2 little girls by my side I’ve felt called to take the next step, move past my fears, and trust God completely with this. I’ve always felt nervous of failing or making the wrong move, but as God has been teaching me lately — in Him we are wild and free. We can go to him with our dreams, fears, and suffering because he is there for it all. He knows exactly what we need and when we need it. Even when we don’t see him at work in our lives we can rest because the truth is, He is always working out all things for our good and His glory. So, even though I can’t see what’s next, He does and I  want to trust him with this burning desire I have to make an impact for good and do my part to make his name known.

 Created to Create

my love for creativity, art, and the joy and freedom I’ve found in it

Something about me is that I am a mess, pretty much all the time. I try so hard to keep a clean home and it never seems to happen, maybe one day it will. 🙂 The truth is, I think that is the collateral damage to my creativity. As soon as I get the chance for a new project, I jump on. It is live giving to me and I love to turn spaces into welcoming and beautiful environments, turn blank screens or pages into art and gorgeous designs, and turn an idea into a strong brand and website experience for some one else.

That’s just how God made me. He gifted me with a love for creativity and he brings me so much joy from it. I can worship him as I create and it’s something that I am so thankful for and I realize I can use these gifts to bless other women as well — that is what brought me here, to start BLOOM.

I pray that she will walk in His way and always lean on him. That she wouldn’t feel shame or the need to be affirmed by her appearance or successes or anything like that, but that she would completely find herself in Christ.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


a lifestyle shop created to help inspire women to flourish where God has them

I created BLOOM to show up for women where they are. I wanted to provide a space that brings joy to women no matter what season of life they’re in, or what profession they have. You may be a full time mom, a working mom, a single woman looking to better herself, truly wherever you are in life my heart is to pray for you, and provide items with Bloom that can bring you joy and help you live fully in your purpose.

Every item created in this shop is meant to help you be intentional where you are. There are products to help you build your business, focus and identify what matters to you, fill your home with joy and truth, and so much more will be coming each month. I hope this shop blesses you and inspires you in some way.

with love,